Hello? Alison9 19:16, 7 Feb 2005 (PST)

Hi Alison9, have you ever used a wiki before? They are quite entertaining in their simplcity. For instance, I just found this site in my search for union wiki to test with a group of people. So, I am going to add this page: Union Wiki and see if this takes us anywhere. Cheers, Mark Dilley

Could you define "The Theory of Infinite Struggle" thanks chance0

Upgrades! Edit

Hello, all users and editors! This Wikia has been neglected, which is a shame considering what it can be.

I have just created a page for discussion about the project; it is called Activism:Vox Populi. (It's the analogue of the Village Pump at Wikipedia, or Babel at Meta-Wiki.) I've put up some suggestions for changes to the site there. Stuff at Vox will be editable by anyone, and should reflect consensus of the editors (when we have more regular editors, anyway), while proposals in my userspace are just my own ideas (though I'll try to incorporate the ideas of others, too). Also, Vox will probably have more short-term, practical tasks, while my proposition in my userspace is sort of long-term.

Here are some suggestions for the short-term improvement of this front page:

  • A more prominent contrast between the choice of Activism as a Lifestyle, and Everyday Activism.
  • A How To Get Started page for those who are not sure how to get involved in activism. Actually, this should probably start out as just a page but evolve into a tutorial.
  • Clean it up in terms of professionalism.
  • Move definitions (e.g. of Everyday Activism) onto other content pages.
  • Add a page for common misconceptions (or common conceptions) of activism and activists.
  • Need a useful "how to" page for those interested in becoming activists.
Nicholas Barry

current status of Edit

(2006.11.21) Is the creator still interested in the topic?

We might be interested in "adopting" it. It certainly has the potential to be a wonderfully rich, energetic community. Seems a shame to let it just sit there.


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