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We need a list of groups that are working on the Election Reform issue. Help us build this list!

United StatesEdit

National Election Activist GroupsEdit

  • 51 Capital March
  • Alliance for Democracy
  • Americans Coming Together
  • Audit the Vote
  • Backbone Campaign
  • Ban The Machine
  • Baker-Carter Commission
  • Black Box
  • Bush Cheated '04
  • Citizens Act
  • Citizens for Ethics
  • Citizens for a Fair Vote Count
  • Coalition Against Election Fraud
  • Coalition for Visible Ballots
  • David Cobb for President
  • Code Pink
  • Common Cause
  • Computer Scientist for Social Responsibility
  • Constitution Project
  • Count Every Vote
  • Dean People
  • Democracy for America
  • Demos
  • Election Assessment
  • Election Line
  • Election Science Institute (formerly VoteWatch)
  • Electoral Integrity
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • Electronic Vote and Democracy
  • ExitPollz
  • Fair Elections
  • Fair Vote
  • Help America Recount
  • Hunger for Democracy
  • Instant Runoff National List - Working to implement IRV everywhere in the United States
  • Investigate the Vote
  • Juice for Justice
  • Just a Fly on the Wall
  • League of Women Voters
  • Lynn Landes - Voters Newswire
  • Mercury Coalition for Honest Elections
  • MoveOn
  • National Ballot Integrity Project
  • National Committee for Voting Integrity
  • National Network for Election Reform
  • National Voters Rights Coalition
  • National Voting Rights Institute
  • No Confidence Resolution
  • No Mandate
  • Open Voting Consortium
  • Perfect Voting System
  • People For the American Way
  • Project Vote Smart
  • SAVE Democracy
  • Solar Bus
  • Stolen Election 2004
  • This Time We're Watching
  • True Majority
  • Truth in Voting
  • US Counts Votes
  • US Voting Integrity Project
  • Vote America
  • Velvet Revolution
  • Verified Voting
  • Voice 4 Change
  • Vote Scam
  • Vote Trust USA
  • Voters For Open & Transparent Elections
  • VOTERGATE Resource Center
  • Voters Unite!
  • We Do Not Concede Coalition
  • Where's the Paper?
  • Working Assets: Work for Change
  • Email National Coalition for Verified Voting



  • Email National Coalition for Verified Voting, Lisa Burks


  • California Voter Foundation
  • Californians for Electoral Reform
  • Contest the Vote
  • S.A.V.E Democracy
  • Voter Confidence Committee of Humboldt County
  • VOTERR (Voices for Open and Truthful Election Results & Reform)
  • Email South Bay Phone Banking, Griffin
  • Santa Barbara Progressive Coalition - Working for reform in California
  • Voting Rights & Election Reform


  • Boulder County Citizens for Verifiable Voting
  • Citizens for Accurate Mail Ballot Election Results
  • Citizens for Verifiable Voting
  • Coloradoans for Voting Integrity
  • Fair Vote Colorado


  • True Vote Connecticut
  • Email Recount The Votes


  • Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition
  • Email Florida Voting Activist Ellen Brodsky
  • Email Gotta Audit


  • Count Paper Ballots
  • Count the Vote
  • Voter Choice Coalition
  • Defenders of Democracy


  • Safe Vote Hawaii



  • Democracy for Iowa


  • Louisiana Counts


  • Campaign for Verifiable Voting in Maryland
  • Campaign for Fresh Air and Clean Politics
  • True Vote MD


  • MassVOTE




  • Email No Stolen Elections

New HampshireEdit

  • Email National Ballot Integrity Project/New Hampshire Task Force, Sharona Merel

New JerseyEdit

  • Coalition for Peace Action
  • New Jersey Citizen’s Coalition
  • Email Grassroots Action Supporting Progress
  • Email G.R.A.S.P. Voting Issues Project

New MexicoEdit

  • Verified Voting New Mexico
  • United Voters of New Mexico
  • Democracy for New Mexico

New YorkEdit

  • New Yorkers for Verified Voting

<a href="">New Yorkers for Election Reform</a>

North CarolinaEdit


  • Case Ohio - Citizen's Alliance for Secure Elections
  • Greater Cleveland Voter Registration Coalition
  • Ohio Forward
  • Ohio Free the Vote Coalition
  • Ohio Honest Elections Campaign
  • Ohio Vote Suppression News
  • Ohio Voters Reform
  • Recount Ohio
  • United For Secure Elections


  • Oklahoma Grassroots Campaign
  • OKIES-OBAR [1]


  • Action Speaks
  • Oregon Clean Vote
  • Oregon Voter Rights Coalition
  • Oregon Voting



  • Gathering to Save Our Democracy


  • Texas Safe Voting


  • Utah Counts Votes
  • Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus


  • Vermonters for Voting Integrity


  • Virginians for Verified Voting


  • Citizens for Voting Integrity - Washington
  • Instant Runoff WA
  • Email Concerned Citizens for Democratic Integrity - King County), Holly Jacobson

West VirginiaEdit

  • West Virginia Citizen Action Group


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